We advise, coach and invest in Social Business



Our advisory work positions social businesses for strategic stakeholder engagement and market entry.  With more mature businesses, our focus is on growth and change strategy.   

Our advisory services include Lean Start-up and Innovation, Business Design, Theory of Constraints and Transformational Change methods.

We offer a clear and guiding hand in operational implementation.



With only 4% of Venture Capital going to female founders, we feel there are tremendous benefits that can be realized by directing more capital toward female entrepreneurs.

Our capital investments are focused in socially conscious businesses, giving priority to FEMALE led ventures. We also invest our time and expertise through acts of radical generosity.

We track and leverage the latests platforms and mindsets in Capital Investment, including Frontfundr, Tokenfunder, Social Impact Bonds and newly emerging structures.


Investments IN START-UPS

SheEO www.sheeo.world

SheEO is building a billion dollar perpetual global fund for female entrepreneurs. As Activators in the SheEO network, our contribution includes financial investment as well as acts of radical generosity, supporting female founders with our expertise and access to our networks. 

Frontfundr www.frontfundr.com

Frontfundr is an online investment platform, democratising private investing. With Frontfundr, both experienced and regular investors are able to exercise positive influence on businesses they would like to see succeed.

Genecis www.genecis.co

Upcycling at its finest, Genecis uses organic food waste to create bio-degradable plastics for a better environment for all. 


Acts of Radical Generosity

Alinker www.thealinker.com

A revolutionary walking bike for people with mobility challenges, changing how we view people with disabilities. Supported the CEO in securing funding from the Li Ka Ching foundation, establishing stakeholder partnerships, testing the go to market distribution model.

Heartbeat AI www.heartbeatai.com

HeartbeatAI’s technology is teaching machines the language of emotions, so machines can help us build empathy. Supported the CEO by creating business development opportunities, opened doors and coached for appropriate content.


Advisory Services

Inspectech www.inspectech.ca

Non-destructive testing for weld-line inspection of thin wall tubing, securing reliability of products & reducing environmental risks. Redefined the business culture, established performance driven metrics and coached for implementation.

eCamion www.ecamion.com

A turn-key solution provider for community energy storage, providing clean energy alternatives.  Pioneering green technologies that will usher in the electric vehicle revolution.  eCAMION has been awarded a pilot project to design, build and install grid independent fast charge units through Ontario and Manitoba.